Trim Trio Series

Trim Trio Series

Versatile Industrial Interconnect Solution

  • Common interconnect platform offering plastic, metal and metallo-plastic shells, and circular as well as rectangular connectors to address harsh industrial applications.
  • Unique feature of contacts which can be used in many connector series.
  • Wide range of contacts available: 30AWG to 6AWG, copper to optic and coax, machined or stamped & formed.
  • Compliant with major electrical IEC and UL standards

Key features and benefits

Versatile Industrial Connector Range

The TRIM TRIO® connectors line is based on a unique feature of contacts which can be used in several connector shapes. This trio of contacts (machined, stamped & formed, high speed) can be used in a wide range of connectors with plastic or metal shells, with bayonet or push-pull coupling mechanisms, and with rectangular or circular connector shells.

All connectors in the TRIM TRIO® series use the same design of contact. This unique feature simplifies your supply chain, reduces the complexity of production and gives you the ability to switch from one connector series to another very easily.

Using the same contact technology and based on the same design with a 1/3 bayonet coupling, the UTS series (full plastic, waterproof IP68/IP69K connector), the UTG series (heavy-duty metal and plastic connector) and UTO series (metal IP68/69K connector for intensive use) are interchangeable and intermateable, giving you the flexibility to switch from one series to another to address new customer needs without an important impact on your equipment and or your production lines. Your product upgrade is easier, faster and without additional costs!

TRIM TRIO® includes also the UTL series (UL / IEC Power + control), a plastic push-pull connector designed to comply with all modern safety standards of industrial markets, as well as the rectangular snap-lock SMS quick mating and cable connector.

From 30AWG to 6AWG, from copper to optic and coax, from machined to cost effective stamped & formed technology, we propose a wide range of contacts which can all be used in TRIM TRIO® connectors.

Developed to be compliant with major electrical IEC and UL standards, the TRIM TRIO® series guarantees safety conditions for the installers and users, making it the ideal connector for all your industrial and harsh environment needs.

Technical data

  • Temperature: -40° + 105°C
  • Sealing: Up to IP68 and IP69K
  • UV resistant with F1 material (depending of the connector series)
  • Moisture proof (depending of the connector series)
  • UL94V0 / UL94HB (depending of the connector series)
  • Nema 4X (depending of the connector series)
  • RoHS