Trim trio

UTS Hi seal connector


Specially designed for immersed applications such as water treatment or liquid flow-rate measurement, this new connector features IP 68 sealing, IP 69K when disconnected. It has the advantages of a rapid locking system and excellent ergonomics enabling easy handling for reliable operations under all circumstances.

The cavities of the elastomer insert accepting the contacts of these new connectors ensure perfect sealing of receptacle and plug when the connector is disconnected. Water ingress is prevented. The UTS Hi seal connector is intermateable with metal Mil-C-26482 connectors and is available in 21 arrangements, sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 or 18, with screw nut or square flange receptacle. The UTS Hi seal connector naturally benefits from the IP68 or IP69K sealing performance of the UTS range. This ensures stable characteristics on immersion at a depth of 10 m and during high-pressure cleaning at up to 140 bar. This sealing is dynamic, meaning in practical terms that it is maintained even when the cable is pulled in any direction. The material is a high-performance plastic with excellent impact and vibration resistance and a wide working temperature range (– 40 °C to 105 °C). The UTS Hi seal connector is also resistant to salt spray (500 hours) and UV, giving greater reliability in outdoor use. The connector has the particularly ergonomic “TRIM TRIO®” family locking mechanism: 1/3-turn bayonet locking with a tactile and audible click ensuring proper connection. It is guaranteed for 250 mating cycles.