Space Grade 8977 Robotic Series

Space Grade 8977 Robotic Series

  • Integrated misalignment catching system enabling robotic connections and disconnections in Space environment
  • Fitted with SOURIAU L.I.F. contacts for low operation force and high durability (6000 operations)
  • Quick Disconnect capability for inter-stage disconnection harnesses
  • Thermal differential compatibility (between plug and receptacle)
  • Deep space environment (Atox) compatibility
  • High EMI shielding efficiency
  • Arrangements and accessories from MIL-DTL-38999
  • Easy inspection, maintenance or repair after wiring

Key features and benefits


The space grade 8977 robotics series have been designed to perfom robotic connections and quick release disconnections in space environment, for orbital operations or inter-stage disconnection harnesses.

8977 connectors is a greatly field proven solution.

Technical Data


  • < 180 g for ORU plug
  • < 95 g for receptacle

ORU plug misalignments

  • Δα = ± 0,9° (movement around the X axis)
  • Δβ = ± 0,9° (angle authorized between the panels)
  • ρ = 1,95 mm (plane movement according to Y and Z requirements)

ORU receptacle overstroke

  • ΔX ≥ 1,5 mm