Space Grade 8976 Robotic Series

Space Grade 8976 Robotic Series

  • Integrated misalignment catching system enabling multiple robotic connections and disconnections in Space environment
  • Fitted with SOURIAU L.I.F. contacts for low operation force and high durability (6000 operations)
  • Thermal differential compatibility (between plug and receptacle)
  • Deep space environment (Atox) compatibility
  • High EMI shielding efficiency
  • Easy inspection, maintenance or repair after wiring

Key features and benefits


8976 Series is a rectangular interconnect solution designed to perform several robotic operations in Space environment.

Technical Data


  • < 105 g for plug
  • < 218 g for ORU receptacle

ORU plug misalignments

  • Δα = ± 0,5° (movement around the X axis)
  • Δβ = ± 0,5° (angle authorized between the panels)
  • ΔY = 1,27mm, ΔZ = 2,03mm (plane movement according to Y and Z requirements)

ORU receptacle overstroke

  • ΔX = 2,29 mm