Conduit Liner

Conduit Liner

  • Temperature operating range: -65°F to 525°F
  • Tensile: 2500 psi to 5000psi
  • Elongation: 100% to 250%
  • Excellent solvent and fungus resistance

Key features and benefits

Conduit Liner Description

Sunbank’s Sunflex brand of conduits supplies a wide array of qualified fluoroplastic flexible conduit liners to the aerospace, military, and defense and industrial wire harness industries.

Conduit liners are available in a multitude of aerospace grade materials (ETFE, PTFE, FEP, PEEK, PFA, metallic, etc) to meet even the most stringent customers' required solutions. They provide a robust and reliable wire protection solution and are manufactured to respective OEM and industry specification while maintaining flexibility for most static and dynamic routing requirements. Available in:

  • Standard convolution – Standard wall
    • For use where a lightweight conduit is required to contain the wire bundle and give mechanical protection, fluid resistance and sealing.
  • Extra flexible convolution – Standard wall
    • Similar to standard wall, standard convolution but where constant flexing and additional crush resistance is required
  • Extra flexible convolution – Thin wall
    • Similar to standard and extra flexible conduit liners but having a thinner wall, it is to be specified only where MINIMUM WEIGHT is a prime requirement

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