Space Missions

Space Missions

  • EVA & deep space compatible design, to sustain the high reliability and performance outside of the spacecraft, even while unmated
  • Integrated compliance mechanism to catch misalignments between the systems to connect, along and around the 3 axes
  • Mastered operation forces and cinematics to enable controlled connections and disconnections even with a high temperature gradient – quick disconnect version available
  • High durability (6000 operations) thanks to Low Insertion Force (L.I.F.) contacts, inducing low resistance to mating/unmating operations
  • Expertise from product definition to validation

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for space missions

Preparing a space mission is one of the most exciting projects of humanity. Challenges are tremendous whether we work on orbital operations or interplanetary endeavors: high precision and confidence are required in extreme - and even sometimes, never-experienced - environments.

Since the 1990’s SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has been supporting the world pioneers in their missions. This all started with one of the most outstanding human project: the International Space Station, for which we designed EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) interconnect solutions able to perform several manual and robotic operations outside of the Station – still operating today. Besides, Souriau took part in exciting space missions, providing standard space connectors tested upon specific conditions, and stage disconnection connectors and harnesses for landing probes, such as Cassini-Huygens mission to land on Titan’s moon of Saturn after 7 years of cruise.

As a world reference, SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is committed to support the space missions, remaining involved in the next major missions.


Orbital Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA)
Orbital Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA)
Landing stage disconnection for Space Missions
Orbital transportation
Orbital Transportation and Docking
Space station
Space Station Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU)