D-Sub Backshells Series

D-Sub Backshells Series

  • Screw lock option
  • Entry configuration: top, 45° and 90° entry; single or dual.
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Accessories
  • Lightweight aluminum wall body to minimize weight and guarantee robustness
  • Repairable: 2-screw split version for quick repair

Key features and benefits

D-Sub Backshell Description

The D-sub backshells series are lightweight aluminum solutions designed to fit Mil-C-24308 D-sub connectors. The product range offers many styles of EMI adaptors; strain relief options are also available.

Different types of entry configuration exist (top, 45° and 90° entry; single or dual) and the EMI/RFI protection is present under different shapes of shield termination platform (oval, round, with tie-wrap arm or slotted).

The screw lock option is included in the part number scheme and can be delivered with the backshell.

Shorting cans, dustcaps, potting cups, protective covers and termination bands are available in catalog. Screws can be delivered with wire holes and gaskets are also offered.

Our D-sub connector backshells are designed for use in harsh environments and consistently deliver high performance under mechanical and environmental stress. SOURIAU-SUNBANK also offers heavy-duty D-Sub connectors for your harsh environment applications that fit our D-sub backshells.

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Examples of application field

The D-sub backshells series are suited for applications with harsh environmental conditions.