• Safe and reliable: Durable high mating cycles >5,000 times
  • Easy to use: Quick, audible and reliable connection mechanisms, Keying and color identification
  • Waterproof: IP68 Sealing to resist fluid ingress and waterproof immersion in mated or unmated conditions
  • Sterilization: Resistant to repeated exposure to high temperatures associated with Sterilization parameters
  • 360° EMI/RFI: Shielding to ensure the most reliable data transmission and signal integrity
  • Aesthetic: Compact, lightweight and ergonomic appealing designs with high density layouts for tight applications

Our solution


SOURIAU’s expertise in the medical field is based on over 100 years experience in challenging sectors such as aerospace, defense and high-value precision industry. Beyond reliable and safe solutions, we provide you with international support adapted to the most demanding markets. Choosing our range of medical solutions is placing your trust in SOURIAU’s quality and expertise

Our vast portfolio of medical connectors and cable assembly solutions will help fulfill the design challenges of your medical electronic equipment  whether it requires sealing for wet applications, design durability to withstand the rigors of sterilization or even infallible signal and power performance. For your more complex design needs, we also offer customizable solutions supported by our global team of engineering and product experts.

Souriau quality system is qualified ISO 13485.

SOURIAU's Safe and Smart Connections for the Medical Market



Diagnostic Devices & Imaging Equipment (Ultrasound, MRI, PET/CT scanners, X-Ray)
Patient Monitoring Equipment (Monitors, Vital Signs, ECG, EEG, Blood Pressure)
Surgical & Dental Systems and Instrumentation
Physio & Medical Therapy Equipment
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment