Control, Data & Harnesses

  • 8STA Size 08 - 24:
    • Up to 128 contacts
    • 100% scoop proof
    • Rugged aluminum body to provide long service in the harshest environments
    • High resistance to shock and vibration
    • Environmentally sealed to IP67
    • Positive locking with locked position colour indicators
    • 6 coded keyway orientations
    • Integrated backshell for boot termination


  • 8STA high density:
    • Compact & weight saving solution
    • A reliable & robust solution
    • Significant space saving
    • Size #26 contact technology


  • 8STA for steering boss system:
    • A reliable and robust solution dedicated to quick release steering column application
    • 2 shell sizes available (10 & 12)
    • Connectors can be bought separately or as part of a complete quick release system


  • 8STA blind mating plug:
    • Quick & blind connection in hard-to-reach areas
    • Compensating for misalignment in 3 axes (axial, angular, longitudinal)
    • 100% scoop proof
    • Available in crimp contacts.


  • 8STA Lightweight In-line receptacle:
    • Weight saving
    • Cost saving for end customer
    • No risk of corrosion
    • Easy cable routing in tight space areas
    • Easy identification with colour coded bands

Our solution

Connectors for Control, Data & Harnesses

The motorsport industry is always looking for the most innovative and powerful technologies to help win seconds on the track. The best components and harnesses that support data and control equipment are key to achieving success. More than the product itself, the supply chain and the technical knowledge are critical to support the integration and exploit the highest performance level of each piece of equipment.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is a recognized worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of connectors and interconnect systems for harsh environments. SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies' main production facility is located in Le Mans; since 1990 we have supplied connectors to local racing teams for the world famous 24 Hour endurance races. Motorsports is a market where more and more electronics are installed and where space and weight constraints become more critical. Our connectors are designed to be smaller and lighter with highest reliability features to protect the driver and are used globally on two and four wheeled motorsport vehicles.

Our interconnect solutions are mainly used in motorsport competitions, endurance racing and motorbike racing. Applications include: batteries, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, sensors, engine control units, communications, radios, data acquisition systems and harnesses.


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Motorsport temperature sensors
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Motorsport pressure sensors
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Motorsport data acquisition
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Motorsport test vehicle sensors