Ship Decks and Inboard Marine

Ship decks and Inboard Marine

  • Metal shell IP68 waterproof connectors.
  • Robust mechanical polarization, scoop proof and screw coupling for easy and robust coupling/unmating; even during blind mating and with high contact density layouts.
  • Repairable connectors
  • Extensive range with various shell sizes and contact layouts including: signal, coax, high power and fiber optics.

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for ship decks and inboard marine applications

Inboard marine applications and exposed surface applications are subject to high corrosion and constant water ingress.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has more than 40 years of experience in supplying robust and highly reliable marine connectors including MSH, MPH, MPF and JVS series.

Our MSH, MPH and MPF series (according to AGB/T 538c standard) are IP68 water resistant to ensure that marine electrical connections remain dry at all times. Our large range of backshells with pressure gland systems offers solutions to fit your cable diameter and jacket and achieve an excellent mechanical retention with perfect sealing.

MSH series are designed for inboard applications and are made from aluminium. MPH series are made for ship deck applications and feature shells in marine bronze for an extreme corrosion resistance. These products are incredibly robust; they were originally designed for submarine officers as stair steps!

JVS series are the marine bronze version of 8D series based on the military standard MIL-DTL-38999 SIII.


Ships under deck
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Submarines inboard
Submarines inboard
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Offshore instrumentation platform