What is REACH? And its impact for SOURIAU


The council of the European Union has in the year 2006 put in place the Reach Regulation N°1907/2006. The text concerning chemical substances and dangerous mixtures aims to provide a better protection of the human health and the environment. All this is also to promote the innovation and the competitiveness of the European Industry. The regulation is in place since 1st of June 2007.
Esterline Connection Technologies (SOURIAU - SUNBANK), being fully aware of the obligations implemented with this regulations has set up a surveillance process for the manufacturing process and the utilization of chemical substances.
Following the publication of the regulation 348/2013/EU, the use of chemical substances based on chrome hexavalents ( CrVI ) will be banned from begin of the 21st of September 2017 without having an authorization.
This ban has an impact on certain manufacturing processes of the connectors:

- Passivation of Cadmium
- Passivation of ZnNi
- Etching of Composite