Tunnels & road lighting solutions

Streetlights are coming under increasing scrutiny in times of energy-saving measures and smart systems. Exposed to weather as well as engine fumes, especially in tunnels, they are also of critical importance ensuring road safety and visibility.

Complex systems

The complexity of this infrastructure requires simple and effective solutions. Having interconnect products that can integrate both signal and power is a major advantage, avoiding the installation of two different interconnect systems. The products also need to be manufactured from high quality materials that can resist corrosion from engine fumes, as well as UV rays and rain for outdoor streetlight installations.

Strain relief

For systems that are vertically suspended such as variable message signs or traffic cameras, strain from the cables dropping will also be a significant issue. For this reason, strain relief options such as backshells  with cable glands, or fully overmolded cable assemblies will have the advantage of reducing stress on the connectors, minimizing maintenance operations and replacement rates.


UTL harness

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Easy to install and use

Push-pull overmolded cable assembly, ready to plug & play

Engine fumes

Corrosion resistance

Cable weight during suspension

Overmolding cable assembly, backshells

Versatility Ideal for signal, hybrid or power connections


Connectors for Tunnel and Road lighting

Below is the full range of options for tunnel and road lighting that SOURIAU-SUNBANK offers. Click on each connector to find out more about its technical specifications.


UTL Series

UTS Series

UTO Series

Locking system

Push-pull Bayonet Bayonet
Sealing IP68/69K IP68/69K IP68/69K
Unique feature Ground contact first mate, last break Mixed power, signal, fiber layouts possible Signal shielding


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