SQ Series

Lever Lock Connector

  • Available in  29, 38, 44 and 52 contacts.
  • Cable extension variations: Vertical/horizontal/diagonal 45° correspondence in 3 directions.
  • Equipped with a mis-mating prevention key as standard. Available for 35 combinations.
  • Adopts a pin bending prevention/falling-off prevention mechanism and a locking latch/lever lock mechanism by invoking 4 points.
  • Secure and smooth attachment/detachment without restriction on pin layout
  • Contacts: RC/RCS/RM which is proven in the railway industry are available as Common contact.

Key features and benefits


  • Lever lock connector for railway vehicles
  • Same as MB series, it can be used on various equipment by clearing the vibration and impact tests of railway vehicle products.
  • Domestic railcar electric wire compatible with WL1 electric wire 1.25mm2 (29, 38, 44 pos) Compatible with WL1 electric wire 2mm2 (38 pos)

Technical data

Operating temperature range: -55℃~+125℃
Insulation resistance: More than 5000MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: A.C.2000V(1minute)
Durability: 500 matings and unmatings
Vibrations: JIS-E-4031 Level B
Storage temperature/humidity: JIS-C-0028
Dynamic salt spray: JIS-C-0023
Flammability: EN45545-2