SOURIAU USA's MIL-DTL-38999 connectors have been QPL certified for more than 30 years


Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau's MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-26482 aluminum, composite and stainless steel (class K) connectors are QPL certified. The group and its 12 value-added distributors (VAD) based in the USA are able to meet sudden surges in demand whilst maintaining the same high level of service, quality, and on-time delivery.

38999 connectors

Exceptional quality

Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau prominently stands out for its high quality and reliability requirements on the production of its ranges of MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-26482 connectors. "It has always been a priority of Souriau to comply with MIL qualification procedures, which ensure that connectors are capable of withstanding the harshest and most critical environments", says Alain Philippe, Souriau Business Development Manager for the aerospace and defense markets. "Our MIL 38999 connectors have been QPL certified since 1983 and we successfully maintain this qualification status every two years. The inserts and shells of our MIL 38999 connectors are manufactured at Souriau plants that have been audited by the US Department of Defense, and no components are sourced in Asia".

This standardization of its manufacturing process has allowed Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau to implement specific production processes and a continual improvement system. "These requirements guarantee that our clients benefit from a high level of quality and a steadily decreasing defect rate of less than 500 ppm (0.05%) whereas this rate elsewhere on the market is 10 times higher", says Mr. Philippe. "This level of quality is also due to the metal contact-retention clips used on our entire MIL range. Competing solutions are less durable and require greater care during wiring operations to avoid breaking the plastic clips".

Outstanding logistics

The main components of Souriau connectors — the shells and inserts — are manufactured in-house within a single distribution, production and quality organization that allows the group to quickly respond to market changes and double production capacity within a matter of weeks. Managing market forecasts and future trends via its S&OP is the linchpin that allows the group to achieve an on-time delivery rate of 98%.

An industrial implementation and a large VAD network in the US

Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau has a strong presence in the USA thanks to its Paso Robles, California plant and its strong network of value-added distributors (VAD). They are able to assemble MIL-DTL- 38999 connectors on demand and at short notice from their sub-assembly inventories. Souriau VADs are QPL-qualified for the assembly of MIL-DTL- 38999 connectors and regularly undergo audits and requalification. The Paso Robles plant also has a design engineering office that researches and develops specific connectors for the US market.

Innovation on the move

Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau is a forerunner of MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, invented the bayonet-locking system, and was the first to be MIL qualified for composite and zinc-nickel-plated aluminum 38999 connectors. It will continue its innovative roadmap by further developing the 38999 range to include miniaturized shells, titanium shells, compliance with REACH regulations, and integrate optical, power, and high-speed technologies.

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