SN1542 Series

SN1542 Series - Servo Control Connector

  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Insulator: Thermoplastic insulating housing resistant to SKYDROL
  • Contacts #20: Solder buckets or straight spills Golden copper  alloy sub-layer of nickel
  • Contact resistance: ≤ 5m Ω  
  • Intensity per contacts: 5A
  • Operating voltage: 28V
  • Temperature resistance
    • 55 to +90°C (-67 to +194°F) for use
    • 60 to +110°C (-76 to +230°F) for storage


Only plug SN15424S031

  • Crimp tool: M22520/2-01 (Souriau 8476-01)
  • Locator: Souriau 8630-83
  • Plastic tool for contact’s extraction: 8630 06A

Key features and benefits


The SN1542 series is a compact connector for applications with space constraints such as primary and secondary actuators, rudder actuation, spoiler actuation, aileron, elevator, THS actuation, etc.

SN1542 connectors are a high speed solution with standard version (4 contacts #20) and custom version. The series provides removable crimp contacts on plug due to metallic clips; wires can be inserted and extracted due to simple tools.