Safran Electrical & Power Awards Best Customer Service Prize to SOURIAU


Safran Electrical & Power, a world leader in aircraft electrical systems, held an awards ceremony on 22 June at the Paris Air Show to recognize its top suppliers.

The winning suppliers were selected not only for their ability to deliver quality products on time, but also for their innovative capacity and their ability to support Safran Electrical & Power's operations.

Safran Electrical & Power Awards Best Customer Service Prize to SOURIAU

Three prizes were handed out at the ceremony:

  • Best Continuous Improvement.
  • Best Performance Improver.
  • Best Customer Service.  

Thierry Quillet, COO in charge of all of SOURIAU and SUNBANK’s production sites, received Safran Electrical & Power's Best Customer Service prize from Patrick Prulhière, Vice President of Purchasing at Safran Electrical & Power, in the presence of Alain Sauret, President of Safran Electrical & Power.

"It is a great honor to receive this prize, for it recognizes the hard work of everyone at Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU," said Thierry Quillet. "In 2016, we achieved a 99% on-time delivery rating and a PPM of 20 with Safran Electrical & Power for our contacts as well as for our EN 2997 and MIL 38999 composite connectors, which are fitted on electrical wiring interconnection systems used in the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 next-generation jet aircraft."

"In 2016, SOURIAU distribution center processed 3,600 separate product types—or a total of 1.7 million connectors—and continuously delivered products to Safran Electrical & Power's sites in France, Morocco, Mexico, and the U.S.A.," said Thierry Quillet. "This enormous diversity of products and high volume of deliveries to multiple sites means that the slightest deviation in quality or service can rapidly deteriorate SOURIAU's overall performance."

SOURIAU's position as a leader in operational excellence is due in part to QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control), an approach that it has implemented at its production sites with the assistance of Safran Electrical & Power's quality excellence experts. The ultimate goal of quality excellence is to achieve zero defects.

"Although this prize does not directly reward SOURIAU's development and innovation capabilities, experts at both of our companies are working in close collaboration to deliver solutions to the new EU REACH requirements and lead joint actions regarding future standards," said Thierry Quillet.