• Remote Operable
  • Push-pull coupling
  • High Radiation and High temperature Resistant
  • No wrong Mating
  • UL Certified

Key features and benefits


The ULC remote connectors are an improved version of the ULC series; This range, to be connected by remote manipulator arm, has been developed for vitrification lines, overhead cranes and waste storage. With a complete understanding of the requirements together with continuous feedback from the field over the years, SOURIAU-SUNBANK connectors have been specially designed for remote-control operations and in highly contaminated areas.

Three main reprocessing factories in service in the world (La Hague in France, Sellafield in UK and Rokkashomura in Japan) extensively use the SOURIAU-SUNBANK connectors in hot cells.

Flat surfaces for robot handling and guiding forks have been added to the ULC remote connectors for an easy manipulation and mating. Part of the ULC range, the remote controled connectors provide a push-pull coupling which secures against accidental disconnections and minimizes mate force to ensure an ergonomic use of connectors. Equipped with 8 different keying, with a visual color code, ULC remote connectors are ensured to be corrected mated, while protecting contacts during the mating process.

Titanium and stainless steel shells enhance the connectors’ resistance against high radiation and high temperature.

The SOURIAU-SUNBANK ULC remote series connectors are recognized by Underwriters Laboratory Inc.® as compliant with the UL 1977 standard (Component Connectors for Use in Data, Signal, Control and Power Applications).

Technical Data

  • Available in Brass, Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Large Choice of Options (Lanyards, Levers…)
  • 4 shell sizes
  • Multipin signal & power, thermocouple, coaxial
  • Contacts : Solder fixed
  • Insulation resistance : 5GΩ under 500 Vdc (unmated)
  • Endurance : 500 mating / unmating
  • Temperature range: -10 to +175°

Examples of application field

The ULC range has been installed in the three main reprocessing factories in service in the world since decades