ELIOBEAM Termini Series

ELIOBEAM Termini Series

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to terminate
  • Excellent performances

Key features and benefits


ELIOBEAM termini is the expanded beam solution issued from ELIO® optical contacts. It is ideal for harsh environment as no physical contact is achieved. It fits all standard EN4531 ELIO® physical contact cavities.

The ELIOBEAM fiber optics termini are designed around a robust 2.5mm metal ferrule, embedding the lens. It has the same fit&form as the traditional ELIO® physical contact termini and the assembly is also very similar

The insertion and retention inside the connector is ensured by a bayonet locking mechanism without any special tool. The termini integrates a seal inside the rear boot, thus the connection is sealed from the rear side without a backshell or a grommet. The 8D ELIO® range covers layout from 1 to 24 ways in all type of material shell. ELIOBEAM can also be adapted in all #8 cavities of 8D 38999 serie III connector and ARINC 600 connector thanks to the ELIO® AQ adaptor

In the female insert, the termini are flushed to the insert surface, thus removing the traditional dust collecting socket cavity design.

The same termini part number can adapt tight or loose structure cable.

Technical Data

  • The fiber optic termini is keyed for better vibration withstanding and optical performances repeatability
  • Multimode contact - Insertion Loss (IL):
    • < 0.7dB over 95% of the samples as per EN2591-601
    • < 1.0dB maximum on 100% of the samples after tests