SN236 series

SN236 Series - Fireseal High Power Feedthrough


  • Shell: stainless steel
  • Insulator and sleeve: aluminum and peek 50% glass fiber
  • Central bar contact: nickel
  • Tightening torque of screws: 1.4 M.DaN
  • Terminal lugs: AWG #0, #00, #000


  • Operating temperature: 55°C / +200°C
  • Fire resistance: 1100°C during 15 minutes without flame penetration
  • Salt spray: 48 h
  • Sealing: Leak rate <10-6 atm.cm3/s with Delta P=1 bar (helium test)


  • Operating voltage: 600 Vrms
  • Insulation resistance ≥ under 500 VDC
  • Current rating : 350 A

Key features and benefits


The SN236 series is a fire resistant high power feedthrough ideal for engine and APU applications.

Ideally suited to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the SN236 series prevents the spread of fire due to ceramic insulators (resistance to 1100°C during 15 minutes) and demonstrate  high temperature resistance (up to 200°C) as well as pressure resistance (leak rate <10-6 atm.cm3/s at 1 bar pressure difference).

The SN236 series success is due in part to high power lug terminations for aluminum and copper cables (up to 350 A at 600 Vrms) with an umbrella designed to prevent condensation that causes arching.

Compared to “feeder” solutions (receptacle + plug + 2 backshells), the SN236 series is a time-saving interconnect solution.

Custom designs can be done to adapt your specific current, contact orientation or temperature.

Examples of application field

SN236 connectors are ideally suited to withstand harsh environmental conditions.