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New JMX Plastic Push-Pull: A connector dedicated to the medical market


Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau has designed a Plastic Push-Pull connector dedicated to the medical market. Features and benefits of the JMX-series are significant and fully designed with the complexities and rigid standards of the Medical industry. The reliability of this connector makes it an ideal solution for the abundant diversity of Diagnostic Devices, Patient Monitoring, Physio & Therapy devices, Surgical & Dental systems constantly being developed and advanced for improved healthcare.

Easy and safe

This series guarantees an easy and safe connection to the equipment. Easy because the JMX only requires two fingers to mate or unmate the system. This operation can be done by nurses, doctors or even the patient, without any special knowledge of connectors required.  Safe because of the audible, tactile and visual indicator to ensure a good mating and a correct alignment between the plug and the receptacle. This connector is also capable of 2000 mating cycles and therefore adapted for daily handling and use. The JMX-series is compliant to UL 1977 and IEC 61984. These certifications are desired as proof of reliability and will make the system design and qualification of the medical equipment go more smoothly.

JMX connectors are also available in 6 keyways and 9 different color codes to avoid accidental mismating. Additionally, our design allows for blind mating which comes in handy for rear or difficult to access connection ports.

Waterproof and sterilizable

The JMX connector is IP68 rated to protect the equipment from fluid ingress, which is inherent to Medical environments where Measurement Instrumentation are often subjected to constant cleaning or exposure to various fluids. This environmental protection also applies to connectors in an unmated condition which ensures that even when the plug is not engaged with the receptacle, the system electronics will always remain sealed. In addition, JMX connectors can withstand up to 200 cycles of steam autoclave sterilization.

Complimentary Aesthetics

The JMX Plastic Push-Pull is aesthetically and visually appealing to complement and blend with medical and measurement equipment designs. The curves of the coupling ring provide exceptional tactile comfort and the ergonomic design makes handling feel very natural.

Even though this connector series is designed for medical devices, it can also meet the demands of other markets such as instrumentation, lighting or water measurement equipment. Its compact design and environmental sealing characteristic are key features to fulfill those market needs.

Additional information can be found on the JMX webpage. To find out more about our full offer, visit our page about medical connectors.