MQuick Series - How to build your modular interconnection in harsh environment?


Esterline Connection Technologies (SOURIAU – SUNBANK) is proud to introduce extension of its MQuick Series at Aircraft Interior Expo (AIX) 2017 in Hamburg. MQuick Series offers a wide range of modular components, which allow you to build perfect interconnection that matches your requirements. Designed for use in harsh environment and fully composite built, MQuick provides modularity in a compact rectangular shape, with easy to use coupling system.

Straight to the point

MQuick Series already features a set of components that fits your expectations.

Choose each component separately and build your own solution from:

  • 2 types of receptacles compliant for box or harness application
  • Receptacle accessories for simple panel installation or better sealing performances
  • Plug with quick latching system and visually coded for an easy use from first installation to maintenance
  • 9 layouts for modules, with reliable and certified metallic retention clip for contact. In addition, optional o ring for sealed solution
  • 3 types of backshells (straight, 45° & 90°) EMI shielded, providing cable tie & assembly without tools.

As you only choose component you need, MQuick Series allows you to create the best cost saving interconnection.

Modular system that allows update

Modular design allows you to test many configurations without removing shells from panels or box and without reworking panel cutouts. Keep your shells, unmount backshells, remove module and swap it for another that answer your will for density, power or high speed.

Every setup is possible: modules are compliant for use in each type of shells, receptacle or plug. Backshells are fully repositionable without tools.

Make it Yours!

A new standard for Esterline Connection Technologies

Starting with Mono Cavity Offer, MQuick Series is fully compliant to EN4165 and BACC65 standard as well as ready for certification.

This Series, as a new rectangular standard for Esterline Connection Technologies, will be continued through years and extended for integrating all technologies expected by cabin application, from high speed to high density. MQuick modules provide all technical features for designing to print custom products.

Come to see us at AIX 2017 in Hamburg, booth 4B01 for more information.


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