Innovation Cores

To structure innovation is to give ourselves the means to innovate in the best possible conditions. We have identified key innovation cores that will empower us to become a true innovator in the future.

Company attractivity

A company can only be as innovative as it's employees' spirit of innovation. In order to attract top talents today and tomorrow, we invest significantly to become a major actor in our industry by being attractive. To achieve this goal, our company offers a range of services aimed at improving collaborators' daily lives and as well as a policy encouraging diversity and access to work for all.


Factory of the future

We also pursues a technological and organizational quest to define what the factories of tomorrow will look like. We understand the high stakes at play, and relentlessly invest in new technologies and machinery to maintain state-of-the-art facilities today, while preparing for tomorrow's.



Better interconnections 

We offer a very large range of connectors and accessories which places us as an industry leader in the field of interconnect solutions today. With the exponential rise of electronics and electrical systems in our daily lives, connectors will continue to play an integral role in our lives, directly or indirectly, and we aim to make interconnections easier and better.


Intelligent solutions

The 21st century will witness a new industrial revolution based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Innovation is also anticipation and preparation for economic and technological transformations that will reshape our industry as well as our world. That is why we work on developing new technologies and integrating intelligent systems in our interconnect solutions.