Die Cast technology is a process where molten metal is injected under high pressure into a mold cavity, similar to a plastic injection molding process. The benefits of die casting are a reduced production cost due to a faster production cycle, especially for large volumes, as well as a highly consistent production. It is also extremely efficient for parts that have a lot of surface detail since the injection molding process will permit any desired surface texture at no extra cost once the mold is ready. The last key benefit of die cast technology is the reduced waste of scrap metal, which further optimizes production costs.

Our solution

Die cast capability

Aluminum is melted in a separate furnace while a robot feeds the precise amount of molten material to the machine to eliminate variability in the shot size. SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies currently has Die Casting machines with the following capabilities:
• 150 Tons
• 180 Tons
• 250 Tons

Our design team has the capability to design and fabricate new molds to address any custom design. 

Die cast capabilities

A good alternative to bar stock machining for medium to high volume environments due to the low manufacturing cost involved as a result of a shorter cycle time and multiple cavity tool options.

Alternative bar stock machining