Custom insert layout

Custom Insert Layout

3D printing could become the quick and cost-effective solution to deliver small volumes of connectors that exactly meet the customer’s needs.

We are currently developing internal processes to develop 3D-printed custom inserts and are looking for partners to accompany us in this project.

Our solution

3D Printed Inserts


SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is working on the use of 3D printing to create specific arrangements that exactly meet customer needs.

The 3D-printed insert will be:

Heat-resistant Be able to withstand up to 120°C
Fully functional Meet standard electrical performance requirements
Quick leadtime Have only 2 weeks between order receipt and delivery


These personnalised inserts are ideal for:

  • functional connector prototypes
  • insert replacements and connector maintenance
  • orders with low volumes

2 weeks to receive your connectors

0€ investment in tools & production

3D-printed insert

Mounted in connector

 If you want to take part in this ground-breaking project and join us in writing the future of interconnect solutions, connect with us via our contact page and our project manager will get in touch with you. You can also contact us if you are interested in the concept but do not wish to commit to it until development has started.