Architectural lighting solutions

Lighting up the world's most beautiful and spectacular landmarks can highlight mankind's creativity and sensitivity to aesthetics. However architectural lighting presents a very specific set of challenges that the interconnect systems need to respond to.

Outdoor installations

First of all, architectural lighting systems will be placed outdoors for extensive periods of time, which means that the connectors and cable assemblies need to be able to operate under rain, snow, wind, as well as cold and heat. If the installation is located in geographical regions that undergo extreme weather, such as hurricances, typhoons, or even flooding, the IP rating required to guarantee continuous performance would be IP68/69K, which ensures water-resistance even when the connector is under high pressure water jets and subjected to physical strain.

Difficult accesss

These types of installations are time-consuming to deploy, and rarely in locations with easy access. It will therefore be critical to ensure that the systems are easy to install, and require as little as maintenance as possible. This means an easy mating process combined with a secure locking mechanism, and high reliability.



Our UTL series connector has been specially designed to meet the needs of lighting systems, with a robust and light thermoplastic outer shell that can withstand exposure to UV rays for 5 years without any impact on its properties or appearance. The overmolded cable assembly will ensure complete watertightness even under extreme pressure, with an IP rating of 68/69K (360° high pressure water jet, 10 days completely submerged underwater). The UTL series connector is also compliant with UL/IEC safety standards.


UTL harness

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Rain, wind, storms, flooding


Cold spells, hot weather

Operating range: -40° +105°C

Easy to mate


Secure locking

Steel latch


Connectors for Architectural lighting

Below is the full range of options for architectural lighting that SOURIAU-SUNBANK offers. Click on each connector to find out more about its technical specifications.


UTL Series

UTS Series

UTO Series

Locking system

Push-pull Bayonet Bayonet
Sealing IP68/69K IP68/69K IP68/69K
Unique feature Ground contact first mate, last break Mixed power, signal, fiber layouts possible Signal shielding


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