Agriculture and Horticulture Lighting Solutions

Agricultural and horticultural lighting is one of these applications which have been gaining traction in recent years, especially with the development of new technologies relating to smart agriculture. The increasing demand for food production and the dwindling surfaces available for farming are making greenhouse and indoor production attractive to maximize yields.

Harsh climatic environment

Crops need humid and warm environments in order to optimize their growth, and the interconnect systems must be able to operate for extensive periods of time in such conditions. Water-proof sealing will be an indispensable characteristic for the electrical systems, which will also need to be able to operate normally at temperatures above 35°C (and below 0°C for crops in outdoor greenhouses) for extended periods of time. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other aggressive substances may also be sprayed on the produce, exposing the electrical systems to further chemical stress.

Strain relief

Another key factor to take into account is the weight of the cable assembly behind the connectors. The lighting systems need to be suspended vertically above the crops, which means that the cable assembly will be dropping down, putting significant pressure on the back of the connector. One solution for this is overmolding, which can provide strain relief as well as increased ingress protection.


The UTL Series connector is ideally suited for agricultural lighting due to its sealing rating, which is IP68/69K, meaning it is completely waterproof, even when the cable is twisted and put under mechanical stress. An overmolded cable assembly option is highly recommended and available to alleviate the strain of the cable on the connector, ensuring a high performance and long lifetime.

UTL harness

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Cable weight strain

Overmolded cable assembly

Exposure to sun UV resistant
Staff & equipment safety UL/IEC qualified


Connectors for Agricultural lighting

Below is the full range of options for agricultural equipment and LED lighting. Click on each connector to find out more about its technical specifications.


UTL Series

UTS Series

JMX Series

Locking system

Push-pull Bayonet Push-pull
Sealing IP68/69K IP68/69K IP68
Unique feature Ground contact first mate, last break Mixed power, signal, fiber layouts possible Medical-grade


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