Jacketed Conduit

Wired Conduit Assemblies

  • Wide array of qualified application specific flexible wired conduits
  • Designed specifically to the customers’ application
  • Plug and play turnkey, robust and reliable wire and EMI/RFI protection solution

Key features and benefits


SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies' Sunflex brand supplies a wide array of qualified application-specific flexible wired conduit assemblies to the aerospace, military, and defense and industrial wire harness industries.

Our wired conduits are designed specifically to the customers’ application conforming to customers’ unique mechanical and electrical needs.

With our fully wired conduit assemblies, you receive a complete plug-and-play turnkey solution, covering robust and reliable mechanical and EMI/RFI wire protection. All wired conduits are manufactured to respective OEM and industry specification while maintaining flexibility for most static and dynamic routing requirements.