MSH & MPH Series

MSH/MPH Series

  • High vibrations and shock withstanding
  • Extremely resistant to pull-out or transverse forces (80 kg)
  • High performance sealing
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion tin plated aluminium or marine bronze shells

Key features and benefits


MSH/MPH series are circular connectors mainly used for marine applications; they meet the requirements of marine specification 538c AGB/T and are compliant with NFC 93422 environmental test standard.

The conical coupling interface and the square threaded screw coupling enable MSH/MPH series to withstand high vibrations and shock. MSH/MPH connectors are also suitable for harsh environment applications such as military ships, railways, mining or public works.

The special cone design on the backshell for cable braid/armor retention makes them extremely resistant to pull-out or transverse forces (80 kg).

The o’ring at the coupling interface and the pressure gland at the backshell to cable interface (associated with optional protective cable boot), provide high performance sealing:

  • Permanent IP68
  • Permanent water immersion up to 2 meters
  • Compliance with main marine and heavy industrial cables.

Tin plated aluminium or marine bronze shells guarantee excellent resistance against corrosion.

The dismountable crimp contacts make them really easy to wire.