Space Grade D-sub

Space Grade D-Subminiature Series

Standard QPL I/O connector

  • Compact solution for space saving on panel
  • Large portfolio of accessories to serve most of the mounting configurations
  • Nonmagnetic, non-outgassing
  • Cable side : crimp / solder bucket / wire wrap contacts
  • PCB side : straight and 90° PC tails contacts
  • ESCC 3401, MIL-DTL-24308 class M and GSFC S-311 qualified (QPL)

Key features and benefits


The space grade Sub-D series is a compact connector ideally suited to answer to miniaturization and weight saving trends in spatial applications.

The large portfolio enables to serve most of the mounting configurations.

Space grade Sub-D connectors are ESCC 3401, MIL-DTL-24308 class M and GSFC S-311 qualified (QPL).

Technical Data

Environmental characteristics

  • Operating Temperature: from -55°C to +125°C
  • Outgassing: TML< 1% ; CVCM < 0,1%

Electrical characteristics

  • Working voltage (sea level): up to 300 Vrms
  • Rated current: 5 to 40 A per line


  • QPL on ESCC 3401/001, 3401/002, 3401/005, 3401/020, 3401/021, 3401/022, 3401/072 ; EPPL on ESCC 3401/004, 3401/040, 3401/069 and combo layout.
  • QPL on MIL-DTL-24308/5, 24308/6, 24308/7, 24308/8 class M.
  • QPL on GSFC S-311

Examples of application field

Space grade D-Sub connectors are QPL rectangular interconnect solutions based on MIL-DTL-24308 design.