Souriau, the world leader in multi-position circular connectors for harsh operating environments, is launching a new range of miniature connectors developed from the MIL-DTL-38999: micro38999. This new range offers the best possible performance - in the most compact models on the market. The micro38999 allows size and weight savings of 50% compared to the smallest MIL-DTL38999 Series III units.

For many years, the need for more compact, lighter connection solutions, able to satisfy aeronautic, military and industrial requirements, has been growing. The rapid development of UAVs, sensors and on-board electronics, plus the emergence of composite materials, has driven the industry to reduce the size and weight of all equipment, including connectors. The micro38999 has been shown to be more compact than other products currently available on the market, while still offering better performance in the field. Souriau was able to meet this challenge head-on, thanks to our knowledge of how materials behave at their operating limits, our mastery of manufacturing processes and our design choices for the D38999 ranges.

The combination of these three skills made it possible to recreate a miniaturized 38999, keeping the same electrical, mechanical and environmental performance as in the standard model. These new ranges will strengthen Souriau´s position as a leader in circular connection solutions. To give an example of this exceptional performance, look at micro38999´s ability to withstand vibration of 44 Grms at a temperature of 125°C for 8 hours. At this point in time, no other manufacturer has managed to raise their miniature connectors up to this demanding level. The electrical crimp contacts can be removed, enabling users to wire and unwire connectors directly on site. (The contacts used have a M39029 design: this provides further assurance of a high-quality secure connection.)

In addition to the traditional platings available on the market, all micro38999 connectors can be supplied with non-reflective black Zinc Nickel protection, to satisfy the latest RoHS directives. This will enable many customers to benefit from a reliable miniature solution for their applications in severe or extreme operating environments. The micro38999 range is available with three different coupling systems: the threaded 8DA, the bayonet-coupled 8LTA, and the push-pull type 8BA. The introduction of this new miniature range to the market will open a new page in the history of connection solutions around the world. It will indeed make it possible to transmit just as much - if not more - information under harsh conditions, at the same time helping to reduce the size of equipment.