Bronze CECC connectors

JVS Series

CECC 752 002 Qualified Bronze connector

  • Compliant to CECC 752 002
  • Perfectly adapted to environment with constraints of corrosion, shock or pressure differential
  • Large choice of contact types : signal, power, high data transmission such as Quadrax, Twinax, Coax, ELIO® fiber optics.
  • Self-locking coupling mechanism
  • Scoop proof which allows blind mating
  • Cost effective solution

Key features and benefits


The JVS series is an range extension from the 8D family which was designed to answer the most stringent requirements in harsh environments. They are perfectly suited to different conditions which expose to corrosion, shock, or pressure diffirential that may be encountered in your application. The JVS series is also qualified according to CECC 752 002.  

 The bronze shell makes it highly adapted to marine surface environments where numerous connectors are used.  

A full range of contacts are also available among JVS connectors such as signal transmission, and high speed data transmission (quadrax, twinax, coax, ELIO®).
As an extension of the 8D range, JVS connectors are designed with a unique self-locking mechanism (patented by us), visual mating indication, scoop proof properties, quick screw coupling and 360° shielding. The patented self-locking system and the metallic contact retention clip technology help the product to be correctly mated without any risk of unmating even under high vibration or rough handling in the field. We are also able to develop customized solutions with you based on our JVS range to answer to your specific requirements.

JVS Series double-flange version

The JVS series offers an excellent product quality to cost efficiency ratio.

Examples of application field

 The shell in bronze makes it highly adapted to marine surface environment where numerous connectors have been used.