SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies provides connectors that are especially designed to withstand extremely high operating temperature ranges as well as extremely low ones. The applications that can benefit from such performances include aviation engines, space vessels and satellites, and industrial machinery.

Our solution

Severe Temperature Connectors

The temperature-resistance levels needed depend on the environment of the applications. Over the years, temperature requirements have increased to allow higher currents in identical or reduced conditions, using different types of materials.

The need for connectors' severe temperature resistance has changed both with customers’ needs for new applications, but also because plastics' technology has evolved tremendously in this area over time. Materials which could traditionally withstand up to around 85° Celsius in the 1940s,, today technological breakthroughs in materials allow us to achieve connectors that can function in temperature ranges from -40° up to 260° Celsius and even more.
Today our engineers are working on concepts using materials capable of withstanding a temperature of 350° Celsius (572° F).