Smart Agriculture connectors

Smart Agriculture

  • Weatherproof: IP68/69K waterproof rating
  • Hi sealing: Low moisture absorption
  • UV resistant: No mechanical or color modification after 5 years exposure
  • Resistant to chemicals: Our heavy-duty plastic shell connectors will not be affected by regular fertiliser and pesticide spray
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +105°C
  • Signal integrity: Our metal shell connectors can provide shielding capabilities

Our solution

Smart Agriculture interconnect systems

Smart Agriculture is a field which is gaining interest to solve major challenges that we face, and SOURIAU-SUNBANK offers a wide range of comprehensive interconnect solutions for various applications within this area.

Connectors for Grow lights and Greenhouses

The push to continuously increase production and productivity has driven the use of grow lights up, and especially smart grow lights within greenhouses. With new technologies such as horticulture LED bulbs that can deliver varying spectra depending on the growth stage of the plant, and using less power, agricultural lighting has seen a rise in activity and shown encouraging results in terms of sustainable cultivation. 

Inside greenhouses, temperatures and humidity can reach high levels and equipment may be exposed to corrosive chemicals. 

The UTS series is perfectly suitable for this type of environment, as it offers an easy handling and mating mechanism, as well as corrosion resistance. The UTL series is also often integrated within lighting systems as it's DALI and DMX compatibility offer flexible and advanced features in addition to it's IP68/69K rating and UV resistance.

Irrigation systems & Soil monitoring

New outdoor electronic developments can now offer farmers solutions consisting of sensors spread throughout the fields that can detect and report on the quality of the soil. This data can be fed into an intelligent irrigation system, which can carefully calibrate the quantity of water needed and irrigate the fields according to their needs.

Irrigation systems will expose connectors and harnesses to constant water spray and possibly even chemicals if fertilizers and pesticides are distributed through it. The system will also be exposed to sunlightvarying outdoor temperatures and scratching and abrasion. Based on these factors, the UTS series is an ideal option.

Agricultural drones

SOURIAU-SUNBANK also offers the micro38999 series which has been specifically designed to be integrated into drones. Its compact size and low mass make it ideal when space and weight constraints are high, while coupling mechanism is derived from the MIL-DTL-38999 military standard and can withstand high vibration and shock without any impact on performance.

Intelligent Agricultural Equipment

As intelligent machinery for agriculture develops, the technical requirements may evolve. These may be vehicles which have advanced assistance systems such as weed detection, and which require a high speed data connection to transfer HD video to the control center. For these types of applications it will be key to not only enable high speed data transfer but also signal protection

Our metal-shell connectors provide excellent signal shielding for this purpose, and will ensure that your signal is uninterrupted. The JBX series offers 360° signal protection, while the UTO series also adds robustness. The UTS series in its threaded version is also a  suitable and cost-effective option for control boxes.

We also offer overmolded cable assemblies for all our connectors to provide strain relief.